Hormone treatments for men and women are increasingly popular among the Baby Boomers and others seeking the fountain of youth in a pill, pellet, patch or gel. These treatments are touted by anti-aging centers and some doctors as a way to battle the bulge and loss of muscle, strength, sex drive and

A growing number of men say they’re having a better sex life, making more money, getting an energy boost and thinking more clearly. What’s their secret? Dr. Kenneth Varano of BodyLogicMD of Philadelphia shares the secrets of success with CBS Philly. Watch the video: Male Wonder Drug

Pellet therapy is rapidly becoming a favorite form of delivery among testosterone therapy patients. And, it might be the best choice for you too. Learn more about pellet therapy. Last 3 to 6 months after insertion No possibility of transference (like with creams) More effective physiological uptake You are more likely to

Testosterone is classically associated with all that is male – big, bulging muscles to hairy chests – testosterone has quite a reputation. A more  in-depth look into testosterone, however, would tell you that it does so much more for men and women, and it has little to do with big manly features. Dr.

Has sex lost its luster? Do you even remember what an orgasm feels like? Is desire missing from your bedroom? Somewhere around mid-life, the “urge to merge” falls by the wayside and men and women are left wondering where the flames of desire have fizzled off to. Hormonal changes as you age

Yes, testosterone is the male dominant hormone, but women need it too!  When I first started as a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, women would be somewhat taken aback when I recommended testosterone therapy for them.  I would often receive a response like “Testosterone?  Isn’t that for men?  Why do I need that?”   As

Weight gain and menopause seem to go together.  Many of my female patients describe rapid weight gain as they approached and entered menopause.  I hear them say,”I don’t know what happened.  I eat the same and exercise same, but I don’t dress the same because I can’t fit into my clothes any

I sat down with Dr. Manny from Health Talk on FoxNews.com to discuss the risks and benefits of testosterone pellet therapy. Pellet therapy has been around since the 1930s–the concept is probably about the same age as Premarin, but much like other bioidentical hormones, a lack of approval from the FDA has

Mood disorders are among the most common complaints I see in my anti-aging practice. The most common symptoms are anxiety and depression. However common associated symptoms are fatigue, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and memory problems. One of the challenges I always face in treating a new patient is tackling numerous symptoms in just

Osteoporosis is an insidious disease.  You cannot feel it as it gradually approaches.  One day, your doctor orders a bone density test for you, and you find out that your bones have lost density and you have osteoporosis.  I see many women and even some men in this situation and they are

One of the most common complaints we see in both men and women is hair loss. This is a very complex issue with multiple potential causes. It is imperative that one’s hormones are balanced and continuously monitored. One of the most common hormones attributed to this problem is dht . This is

There are many symptoms associated with menopause, but the symptom that epitomizes menopause is the Hot Flash.  About 85% of women will experience Hot Flashes as they approach and enter menopause. Some women will have intense, frequent Hot Flashes, while others have mild, infrequent Hot Flashes.   Often, Hot Flashes decrease in frequency

Osteoporosis is defined as a thinning and weakening of bone tissue.  The statistics regarding osteoporosis and the health problems associated with it are staggering, and it’s one of the most concerning issues facing woman as they enter menopause.  Although previously considered a disease that only affects women, osteoporosis has also been recognized

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are you wondering how to increase your sex drive? Or are you someone who has lost your drive, ambition, and motivation?  Are you wondering how to get your mojo back? Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, deceased sex drive, depression, low energy, problems with erections, and

Want to know more about how your testosterone levels affect your libido or maybe snag some tips for a “pro-libido” lifestyle? I had the opportunity to chat with Lisa Davis, host of the “It Your Health” network radio program. We discussed  many of the sexual health issues women face and the natural

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