If you want a quick rundown of the “Must-have  Medical Check-ups” for every decade of life – check out my latest feature on Bodychecklist.com. Caring for your health is important at every stage of life and you are the best person to ensure you get the care you need. Ask your doctor to test

Many people dismiss the pursuit of good health, arguing that they simply do not want to live forever, but what if I rephrased the proposal? You may be less inclined to dismiss a healthy lifestyle if you knew that it could ensure that your years on this earth were youthful and vibrant,

Any way you look at them, the statistics and predictions are impressive. In 2010 there were an estimated 18.8 million people in the US with diabetes, and another 7 million who have the disease but have not been diagnosed. Among US residents 65 and older, almost 27% have diabetes. Even more alarming

It's Not What You Do Between Thanksgiving & The Holidays, But What You Do Between The Holidays & Thanksgiving That Makes A Difference For Your Health!

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