I was on vacation last week and read in More Magazine about the increasing popularity of combo-pilling. Then, this morning I saw a segment on the Today Show with the editor-in-chief of More Magazine and Nancy Snyderman, MD discussing combo-pilling again. This is a down-right scary practice that is undertaken by many women in their desperate fight to get control of their weight. Patients are looking for combinations of different weight loss pills to try to mimic the effects of the drug combination Phen-fen (Phentermine-Fenfluramine). Phen- fen was a very successful combination of weight loss pills that did lead to more weight loss than either pill alone, but Fenfluramine was ultimately taken off the market because of an increase in fatal pulmonary hypertension and valvular heart problems. Phentermine has not been shown to have harmful effects and is still on the market. Unfortunately for women, Phentermine doesn’t work as well by itself.

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