As we enter into a new year, most of us thought about the previous year and the changes that we would like to make in our life during the next 12 months. Surveys often indicate that these changes typically involve areas of health, weight issues, and personal improvement. First, we must realize

One of the supplements we recommend to all of our patients is Vitamin D. We measure all of our patient’s level at the time of the initial consultation, and unless the patient is already supplementing with at least 4000 units of VitD3 they are all deficient. We need lots of Vit D.

Broccoli may reduce cancer risk! But what if you don’t like broccoli? Johns Hopkins University and many other academic institutions have been studying the anti-cancer effects of broccoli.  The active ingredient in cruciferous vegetables that is thought to have these anti-cancer properties is Sulforaphane.  The studies show that Sulforapahne may boost cell

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