June 13th kicks off Men’s Health Awareness Week – a week-long campaign that runs through Father’s Day, aimed at heightening the awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging men to take action to reduce their risk of disease. This year, the highly trained physicians within the BodyLogicMD network have come together to educate men about a common problem that is often overlooked. The problem is hormonal imbalance, most often due male menopause or andropause.

Hormone therapy programs aren’t only for women. Men experience a more gradual loss of hormones, mainly testosterone. The result is andropause, known as the "male menopause."

Low-T is an umbrella-term used to describe a variety of conditions in men that result in abnormally low testosterone levels. In some cases, Low-T is the result of andropause- the male menopause – while other times the cause isn’t so “natural.”

BodyLogicMD provides targeted and comprehensive seminars, focusing primarily on natural bioidentical hormone therapy and customized fitness and nutrition programs. Highly trained physicians share their expertise and explain how each BodyLogicMD wellness program is specifically tailored to suit the needs of each patient. Guests enjoy the opportunity to speak directly with the physician,

A recent article in the NY Times follows the “Vigor Quest” of baby boomer, John Bellizzi (51), retracing his journey through the male menopause known as andropause and discussing how integrative and functional medicine helped him get his edge back and regain control of his health.

Pellet Therapy makes treating hormonal imbalance quick and easy!

Oprah offered great information on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women but what about men? Dr. Jennifer Landa explains the symptoms of andropause or testosterone deficiency syndrom and how bioidentical hormones can help.

February is the month that reminds us all about how sexy we feel (or don’t feel!) …check out the latest news from BodyLogicMD that links love, sex and libido with balanced hormones. Also tune into BodyLogicMD  Dr. Jennifer Landa’s debut on YouTube where she discusses how sex can be dictated by hormonal

11/12/07 Dr. Gary C. Bernard Since my practice in Jacksonville, Florida was one of the first sites for BodyLogicMD, I have had the opportunity to learn bioidentical hormone therapy from the bottom-up, so to speak. In addition, my background as a board certified Internal Medicine Physician gave me a unique base from

As the field of anti-aging medicine is becoming a cutting-edge specialty, many doctors enter it with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. After 13 years of private practice in physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management, I became acutely aware of the devastation caused by sedentary living, lack of proper nutrition and

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