The best love affair of your life is yet to come – and you don’t have to change partners to find it! After losing her libido at age 28 – and regaining it – Dr. Jen put together Rewire Your Desire, an enriching program that shares her knowledge of what causes sex

Our sexperts Dr. Jennifer Landa, Joan Price and Ande Lyons as they tell you how to keep sex where it belongs in your life – front and center.    

                                                                  The New York Times just put out an article called “Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That.” The article, by author and journalist Daniel Bergner, focuses on two new “female desire” drugs, Lybrido and

Libido, the desire for sex, is what drives us to find satisfaction in sexual activity. Sex helps couples bond, promoting intimacy and increasing feel-good hormones and brain chemicals. When a women no longer desires her partner, her relationship suffers. Sex is not just about a woman’s relationship, it’s about her health. Sex

Lear How Using Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness and Individualized Hormone Therapy Can Work for You! Kirk Hamilton of Staying Healthy Today  interviews Dr. Jen on how women can obtain optimal health and help those with low sex drives get their passion back. Click here for the complete audio interview! ———————- Better Sex Now

  This new year I’m teaming up with Sinclair Institute® to share fun and creative ways that we can all Live Better and Love Better in 2013 – starting January 6th with six weeks of fabulous prizes. We Can Create Healthier and Happier Relationships in 2013 Who wants to live healthier, happier,

The foods you eat are integrally tied to your mood and overall sense of well-being. So, it is no wonder that certain foods can impact your sex life. From boosting fertility to improving the urge to merge, these four foods will have you craving a little extra time between the sheets.  Read

Get it while it’s hot! Everybody’s favorite sexual health expert, Dr. Jennifer Landa, chatted with Essence magazine to help women ensure their journey through menopause is a smooth ride. Check out the article inside the August 2012 issue of Essence, titled, “Hope for Change.”

Check out an excerpt from The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire Up Your Libido as featured on Hitched Online Magazine for married couples. One of the best aspects of planning sex is the element of anticipation. Try sending text messages (“I can’t wait for our date tonight!” or

Read between the lines and learn more about the top Sex Drive Solutions as Dr. Jen shares solutions to the top sex drive sinkers.  This is one segment you do not want to miss! Watch here on and give your libido a boost – just in time for Valentine’s Day.  

If you really want to fire-up your libido, then you must read Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. A romantic plotline, racy love scenes and a sexy, tall, dark and handsome man – all the ingredients to get your heart and your hormones racing. After reading a few chapters, you will want

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Most women will undoubtedly experience a decline in their sex drive as they age, but what many women (and their men) don’t realize is that despite the lack of desire, the actual act of sex is often more satisfying to a perimenopausal/menopausal woman than it was in her 20s. Women need to

The Sex Drive Solution for Women : Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire-up your Libido is the new bible for women who have lost not only their libido, but their zest for life and vivacious spirit. In this book, I will prove to you that it’s never too late to enjoy the

I just had the pleasure of speaking at a medical conference on bioidentical hormones sponsored by the International Hormone Society at the San Diego Harbor Marriott. My subject was testosterone deficiency and replacement, with an emphasis on testosterone pellet implantation. I was struck by some of the questions the attending doctors asked

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