Women with a constant low sexual drive, especially those in menopause or postmenopause, are two times as likely to develop chronic health issues of the mind and body.

We address the "13 Things You Never Knew About Your Weight" as seen in Reader's Digest. Imbalanced hormones contribute to weight gain and prevent weight loss in a variety of ways. Antioxidants are also a great weight loss assistant.

Honey, have you checked your testosterone lately? Dad, do you need a hormone reality check? Giving men a reminder to check hormone levels is the best gift for optimal health and what a better time than Father’s Day. National Men’s Health Week (June 9-15) and BodyLogicMD are part of a nationwide movement

As the field of anti-aging medicine is becoming a cutting-edge specialty, many doctors enter it with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. After 13 years of private practice in physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management, I became acutely aware of the devastation caused by sedentary living, lack of proper nutrition and

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