Using Hormone Replacement to Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries A traumatic brain injury is caused by an impact to the head that interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. A blow to the head as a result of a freak accident, a severe bump from a motor accident, or a slip and

In the wake of the release of the Women’s Health Initiative Study in 2002, millions of women in the US and around the World abruptly discontinued their hormone replacement therapy. Many of these women were taking hormone replacement (HRT) for bone protection. Since that time, few studies have looked at the impact

I get a lot of questions from patients and seminar attendees about the definition of “bioidentical”. It’s almost as if those of us using hormones that are identical in chemical structure to what is made in the human body are somehow off the deep end. In fact, it makes no sense at

Hormone Replacement Therapy; the options, risks, benefits:  who, why, and where to go for help? Bio-identical Hormones (BHRT) v. Non-bio-identical hormones (HRT) Both used to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance Bio-identical Hormone Replacement also used to correct the imbalance causing the symptoms Bio-identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) – what are they?  Why all

One of the biggest fears associated with bio-identical hormone therapy is the risk of breast cancer. Unfortunately, a lot of confusing and often, incorrect information regarding this issue is offered to the public, through the media, internet, and even by many physicians. Some of this misinformation stems from The Women’s Health Initiative

I am very happy on my BHRT! It has been life changing for me. My husband on the other is a little concerned that I've been using hormones for too long of a time. And it got me thinking… How long will I have to be on hormones? Will I need to take bioidenticals forever? When is it a good time to stop using hormone therapy and are there any long-term risks associated with using bioidentical hormones indefinitely?

California’s first lady Maria Shriver recently issued a new report in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s association and it’s official: Alzheimer’s is a woman’s disease. It’s estimated that two-thirds of all Alzheimer’s sufferers are women. While it’s still not clear as to why the disease is more prevalent among women, doctors and scientists agree that more than likely, several factors are to blame. Shriver mentioned that scientists are currently looking into a possible link between Alzheimer’s disease and estrogen decline.

According to an article recently published on, synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can increase a woman’s risk of developing asthma by up to 67 percent.

30-year old Cassie Chapple (UK) entered early menopause - or perimenopause - nearly a decade ago. At age 21, following her first pregnancy, doctors told Cassie that she was experiencing premature menopause and would require hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to boost estrogen levels. Although the HRT would help to reduce Cassie’s risk of osteoporosis and heart disease, she was told on three separate occasions, all by different physicians that she had “next to no chance” of having children again in her lifetime.

October 9, 2009

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BHRT is not a "one size fits all" approach to wellness. Highly trained physicians, specialing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy design a customized treament plan, tailored to meet the individual needs of patients. Based on the results of rigorous diagnostic testing, the physician can prescribe bioidentical hormones along with a nutrition and fitness regime to relieve the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men and women alike.

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