By Dr. Joseph Agnello, Denver Bioidentical Hormones Expert Back in the ‘90s, doctors and scientists were not well aware of the link between hormone deficiencies and pain issues, so hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was not a part of the treatment paradigm. However, in the past 10 to 15 years, the literature of both

Meet Dr. Michelle Schultz of BodyLogicMD of Naperville.

Bioidentical hormones offer menopause relief to many.

Women with a constant low sexual drive, especially those in menopause or postmenopause, are two times as likely to develop chronic health issues of the mind and body.

Hormonal imbalance and heart medication.

Change…What are we waiting for? With the new year coming up, it always feels like an opportunity to start fresh and make a change.  No matter what your resolution, whether you will decide to lose weight, eat healthier, save more money or spend more time with your family and friends, there is

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