When you consume an unhealthy diet, toxins enter the body and over time cause damage. Days, weeks, months and years of eating toxic foods can cause the damage to become severe, destroying your intestinal lining and causing leaky gut, which leaves you susceptible to dangerous inflammation, unwanted fat-storage and disease, including diabetes,

I saw another patient in my surgical practice yesterday who had rid herself of horrendous headaches by religiously eliminating gluten from her diet. In my preventative medicine practice at BodylogicMD of Sacramento many symptoms including headaches, joint pain, rashes and GI symptoms seem to melt away once the diet is cleaned up

Stress can destroy one’s health, so I address stress and Adrenal Gland Health with all of my patients. One cannot expect to improve their health unless they minimize their stress, and I work with all of my patients to do this. I often hear from them, “Doc, I hear what you’re telling

Most people who have IgE food allergies know about their allergies. The symptoms of these allergies are usually fairly obvious and can develop very quickly, so it’s much easier to determine what triggered the allergic reaction. IgG allergies or sensitivities, however, can be far more subtle.

Food allergies are tremendously overlooked; almost everyone is allergic to something. It may not be an obvious, severe allergy, but if you’re having trouble losing weight or feeling unwell or fatigued most of the time, a food allergy or sensitivity may be behind your poor health. Specific food allergy testing is crucial to determining what’s going on in your body because everything you put in your body affects how you feel.

A lot of times, when you’re craving a food, what you’re craving is actually something you’re allergic to, or that’s causing you problems. What I’ve found is that most people like that have to have a white-black thing. You have to be off it completely — it’s not something that you can just have once in a while.

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