Ever wondered if sex had more benefits than procreation and just plain fun? Well, there are many reasons sex is good and good for you. Discover how a little time between the sheets can help you torch calories, sleep better and reduce stress on Bodychecklist.com.

A study recently published in the journal Menopause, looked at a small group of Finnish women and the association between exercise and menopausal symptoms. The study included women ages 45 – 63 who had recently begun to experience symptoms of Menopause. The women were divided into two groups. One group was asked

Forget doing a million crunches in the gym or running for miles on the treadmill – you can torch calories with a little between the sheets action in the bedroom. I chatted with BodyChecklist host, Andy Campbell, to discuss exactly how many calories you can torch in the bedroom and what moves

Many people dismiss the pursuit of good health, arguing that they simply do not want to live forever, but what if I rephrased the proposal? You may be less inclined to dismiss a healthy lifestyle if you knew that it could ensure that your years on this earth were youthful and vibrant,

Last week, The New York Times detailed recent allegations that Ansuara yoga founder, John Friend, has been involved in sexual misconduct, leaving yogis around the globe in a less than enlightened state. Despite this heart-wrenching revelation, I am delighted that my classic recommendation of yoga, for patients suffering from low libido and

I joined the BodyLogicMD network because I wanted the opportunity to pursue the passion that drove me to become a doctor – helping people before they become ill.  Medicine should not be about simply treating a disease, it should be about offering a permanent solution and really change lives for the better.

As Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Pamela Smith likes to stress, there are three things that we should strive to maintain as we age—-Vision, Memory, and Mobility. So what is the hands down, undisputed, most effective way to hold on to all three as we mature? EXERCISE !!! Let’s look at vision for

When I meet resistance from my patients about lifestyle changes like eating right and exercising, I don’t take the warm and fuzzy approach.  I tell them all the same thing, “Just do it.” If you want to look better, feel better and have more sex, you have to change. Period. End of

Here it is again. That time of year when thoughts turn to the changes we want to make for the next year. We may tell ourselves: “this year things are going to be different!” You know what happens. Some changes are made which are gradually discontinued and we return to our old

Today, I was featured in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times about how fitness is the key to help fight off dangers of stress. We all have to endure a little stress in our lives. It’s to be expected and not always a bad thing. But too much stress can lead to

Putting on the pounds is a very common, frustrating problem voiced by many of the baby boomers who seek help for this issue at BodyLogic MD Las Vegas. Looking in the mirror and seeing that middle girth grow, formation of love handles, enlarged buttocks, and thighs is a daily persistent challenge.  Working

GET MOVING! Why exercise? The benefits of regular exercise include combating chronic disease like heart disease, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Exercise can also decrease your risk of breast, colon, uterine cancer, and osteoporosis. Exercise not only helps your body; it is great for your mind! It relieves anxiety, depression,

The Battle of the Bulge By: Philadelphia Bioidentical Hormones Physician Dr. Kenneth Varano Pouches look cute on kangaroos, but the rest of us would rather NOT see the tummy fat that destroys that youthful female physique. We want FLAT abs, not FAT abs! Women are fighting a war against the dreaded bulge

Make fitness over forty a priority. Feel fatigued in the morning or after you get home from work? Think back to your high school health class days – what did your teachers (and Scott Fisher) always say? “Exercise can increase your energy levels and help you perform better the rest of the day.”

Exercising regularly, eating and sleeping well, and meditating each day help improve a man’s overall health and well-being. Other ways to reduce stress include solving the cause of stress, avoiding stressful situations, accepting things you can’t change, avoid procrastination, and don’t overload yourself. While taking these approaches, it is important to keep a positive attitude. Most importantly, when you do something good for yourself you should celebrate your victory and recognize the hard work you put into your efforts. All of these steps should help a man lead a less stressful and healthier life.

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