Over the last several months activists have been busy drudging up the cold, hard facts society must face – all the advancements made in technology and modern conveniences has contributed to an increase in dangerous environmental toxins. As a doctor, I have become increasingly aware of these additional threats to the health

As a doctor, I prescribe water consumption as part of the remedy for just about anything and everything my patients complain of: Not losing weight? – Are you drinking enough water? Lacking energy? – Are you drinking plenty of water? Constant headaches? – How much water are you drinking each day?  Water

“The other night I watched a special news report that talked about the dangers of drinking from plastic water bottles and heating up plastic leftover containers in the microwave. They said that by heating and cooling certain plastics, you’re releasing harmful chemicals that can potentially lead to hormonal imbalances and even some forms of cancer. Which plastics should I avoid and how do they affect my overall health?”

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