I applaud Dr. Oz's answer on Oprah show regarding andropause or as we like to call it Man-o-pause! For men Testosterone reaches a peak at around age 25-30 and then goes down at a rate of 1-2% per year which is why as Dr. Oz points out that the onset of symptoms is very slow and not very obvious to men. The changes with menopause tends to happen over a shorter period of time so women are more aware of the changes. Men may notice a lack of energy, declining memory, increased moodiness, a decrease in libido and/or erections and a loss in muscle tone, increase in fat and a loss of stamina. Levels of testosterone are easily checked in a blood test and can be corrected with testosterone therapy. In addtion to improving all of the above symptoms, replacing testosterone also decreases the risk of heart disease and alzheimer's disease and can improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels among many other benefits. Many of the changes that men tend to chalk up to aging can be improved with testosterone therapy.

Vitamin D and calcium help prevent and coupled with the treatment of cancer, may in some cases slow the growth of colon and prostate cancer cells and, in some reported cases, may cause some cancer cells to die.

Dr. Lee of BodyLogicMD Miami explains the effect Oprah has had on bioidentical hormones.

Thanks to Oprah, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has become a hot topic. Her show, Bioidentical Hormones Part 1 will air on January 22nd. On January 29th Suzanne Somers will be a featured guest on the show. Both Oprah and Suzanne Somers list BodyLogicMD as an expert resource in bioidentical hormones.

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