Have you ever wondered why certain foods should be scattered in your diet (besides good nutrition)? Food impacts your mood as much as anything else, so if your life is hectic or you need to find some serenity – try adding these 5 foods to your menu. The nutrients and antioxidant properties, not only fuel

Daytime TV featured Dr. Jen Landa as she described the best foods for all your moods (Check your local listing: http://daytimeonline.tv/about.htm)

The latest craze to rock the world of celebrity motherhood is feeding your baby straight from your mouth – literally, like birds do.  Alicia Silverstone is among the top activists for the feeding style. The Huffington Post and FoxNews.com covered her unusual feeding regimen and asked me, along with other experts to weigh-in.

Various non-profit and research organizations have released statements and informative literature on the top food allergens and intolerances that affect many Americans.  Seven foods top the charts and although you may not be one among those diagnosed with a specific allergy, you may still unknowingly exhibit signs of intolerance or sensitivity –

I joined the BodyLogicMD network because I wanted the opportunity to pursue the passion that drove me to become a doctor – helping people before they become ill.  Medicine should not be about simply treating a disease, it should be about offering a permanent solution and really change lives for the better.

Eating right, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are all very important to ensuring your internal mechanisms function properly and your outward appearance is a reflection of these functions. Many cultures around the world are known for having the most beautiful hair, flawless skin or a vibrant glow. What’s their secret?

Paula Deen, popular chef, announced that she had diabetes last week on the Today show. It seems that all her fat and sugar laden recipes have finally caught up with her. Diabetes is more common than you may think. Almost 9% of the United States population has diabetes and another 86 million

When I meet resistance from my patients about lifestyle changes like eating right and exercising, I don’t take the warm and fuzzy approach.  I tell them all the same thing, “Just do it.” If you want to look better, feel better and have more sex, you have to change. Period. End of

The top resolutions for the New Year are often related to weight management. Millions flock to book stores and the internet searching for the fad diet that will whittle their waistlines and make this the year they wear skinny jeans. The trouble is that many of these fad diets are unsafe, but

“The Anti-Inflammation Diet” The anti-inflammation diet may have an imposing name, but it goes down easy. Mediterranean and traditional Japanese foods lead the pack in inflammation-lowering eating plans. They provide plenty of tasty options for the culinary minded, the casual cook and the restaurant eater, too. Inflammation is a normal immune-system response

As we enter into a new year, most of us thought about the previous year and the changes that we would like to make in our life during the next 12 months. Surveys often indicate that these changes typically involve areas of health, weight issues, and personal improvement. First, we must realize

No, cholesterol is not all evil. You need cholesterol to make all your sex hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA.  You need cholesterol to make your adrenal hormones: DHEA, Corstisol and Aldosterone. Cholesterol is needed to make hormones for proper brain function: Pregnenalone, and all the sex hormones mentioned above.You need cholesterol to make the

I saw another patient in my surgical practice yesterday who had rid herself of horrendous headaches by religiously eliminating gluten from her diet. In my preventative medicine practice at BodylogicMD of Sacramento many symptoms including headaches, joint pain, rashes and GI symptoms seem to melt away once the diet is cleaned up

Putting on the pounds is a very common, frustrating problem voiced by many of the baby boomers who seek help for this issue at BodyLogic MD Las Vegas. Looking in the mirror and seeing that middle girth grow, formation of love handles, enlarged buttocks, and thighs is a daily persistent challenge.  Working

October 25, 2011


Many of our patients at BodylogicMD of Sacramento are concerned about being overweight. Fully 2/3 of Americans are overweight with half of those being obese. What an awful fix we are in. Although the type of food we eat and when we eat it plays a role in our metabolism, and hormone

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