I want women to be aware of what toxins might be hidden in the products they use, in particular Bisphenol A (BPA) and parabens. BPA can be found in hard plastic drinking containers as well as aluminum and tin cans. And parabens are frequently seen in beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, and body

Over the last several months activists have been busy drudging up the cold, hard facts society must face — all the advancements made in technology and modern conveniences have contributed to an increase in dangerous environmental toxins. Many of them are in your favorite cosmetics, lotions and toothpaste. I chatted with GalTime’s

On the edge of your sink and inside that cute pouch you carry everywhere – dangerous chemicals are lurking.  That’s right the cosmetics you so readily slather all over your body, in your hair and across your face may be doing some very bad things to your health. Tune in tomorrow as

Eighty-one percent of American women swipe on lipstick before heading out the door, unknowingly subjecting their bodies to lead exposure. Recent findings by the FDA, to be published in the 2012 May/June issue of “The Journal of Cosmetic Science,” reveal that more than 400 lipsticks contain an average of 1.11 ppm (parts

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