October has become synonymous with all things pink and avid awareness of the impact breast cancer has on the lives of millions of women across the globe. The widespread awareness has achieved great things in the fight against breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are now more

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: After losing a very close friend of mine to breast cancer in 2004, I have been skeptical to try hormone replacement therapy. Last December, while waiting for a delayed flight at the

Some simple steps to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

You may have heard of the miracle nutrient resveratrol, commonly known as the “red wine nutrient.” There’s more to resveratrol than red wine, though, and it’s helpful for far more than just preventing heart disease. Reseveratrol benefits run the spectrum from lowering cholesterol to curing cancer. Studies supporting red wine suggest antioxidants

Dr. Alicia Stanton BodyLogicMD Connecticut talks about breast cancer prevention

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