Osteoporosis is defined as a thinning and weakening of bone tissue.  The statistics regarding osteoporosis and the health problems associated with it are staggering, and it’s one of the most concerning issues facing woman as they enter menopause.  Although previously considered a disease that only affects women, osteoporosis has also been recognized

In the new age of functional medicine, patients are still confused by the approach I take as I evaluate their complaints of peri menopause. Most female patients in their 40′s have an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen and this leads to symptoms of agitation, sleep disturbance, brain chatter, anxiety, mood swings. As

Chlorella Combats Mercury. Consider With Amalgam Dental Fillings. Some of you may have heard of a supplement called Chlorella. It is green food derived from a single cell plant often found in ocean waters. The Japanese use it as one of the most popular supplement foods. Dr Mercola recently wrote about this

Research presented at the International Diabetes Federation World Diabetes Congress 2011 indicated that testosterone replacement in men with low baseline levels of testosterone improved all components of the metabolic syndrome. One hundred forty seven men ages 38 to 83 were included in the study. The men were injected with a long acting

Bad news for Bacon I love BACON. Most people I know love bacon too. Unfortunately, bacon had a bad week. News broke this past week citing a Swedish study showing that eating 2 slices of bacon or one link of sausage daily resulted in a 19 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

I saw an interesting patient today that presented with persistent anxiety, insomnia, moodiness despite her doctor giving her increasingly higher doses of estrogen and eventually resorting to antidepressants. She had a hysterectomy 2 years prior for uterine fibroids, but was only ever put on different estrogens , but never any of the

Back in November I wrote a blog about the ‘big three’ supplements I recommend being a quality multivitamin/mineral, fish out and Vitamin D3. Let me expand upon that to push for ONLY PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE supplements. What does that mean? Pharmaceutical grade means at that all the nutrients and minerals are CHELATED, or

How Do I Prevent the Flu By this time of year most people who planned for a flu shot has received one. The vaccine makers have done a remarkable job at marketing this product such that by early Autumn, advertisement banners rain down over every pharmacy and megamarket. If you consider some

Medical Mondays – You ask the questions and our highly trained bioidentical hormones experts will post your answer LIVE! Q: I started bioidentical hormone therapy in October of 2011. I’m already noticing a significant improvement in my energy and mood and it’s only been 2 months! I am still having some trouble

We are often asked which nutrition or diet plan one should use . It really depends on what they are trying to accomplish. In would never sway someone from eating all organic or vegan. However, many patients do not want to pursue this type of lifestyle. So, in general , I would

I have been writing quite a few articles on hormone therapy lately and have mentioned bio-identical hormones in many of those articles. I realized that I have never offered an explanation of what a bio-identical hormone is. Bio-identical hormones have been getting a great deal of attention in the media lately, so

In “What Does Progesterone Do?, part1“, I discussed how progesterone works in concert with estrogen to orchestrate the monthly changes associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle and how progesterone balances the effects of estrogen to maintain a woman’s sexual health. However, progesterone does not only influence sexual organs and tissues. It has

I haven’t met many patients who enjoy performing a saliva test. It is often difficult to generate enough saliva to adequately measure hormone levels, but saliva testing is very important for guiding hormone therapy effectively and safely. I have spent many hours with a saliva specimen tube in hand and thoughts of

I’M NOT A STATIN FAN Having practiced medicine since graduating medical school in 1987, I’ve watched several trends come and go in American medicine. Now that my specialization involves prevention, wellness, hormone therapy and medicine looking at causes (rather than just symptom relief), I’ve seen a better view of how the statin

There are many ways to take hormone therapy, and the form of hormone therapy prescribed may depend on several variables, such as effectiveness, safety, and patient preferences. The form of hormone therapy that gets the most attention is hormone creams. Most patients have heard about creams and are excited to use this

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