Many people – and doctors – use antidepressants as a first-line of treatment against depression, anxiety and similar mood disorders. However, many of these conditions are actually hormonal in nature and can be resolved much more effectively (and with far fewer side effects!) using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

There was a special report on the news the other night that talked about BPA in water bottles and other plastics and how too much of these chemicals could be bad for our health. I also read an article on your blog that discussed xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and how they can impact our health. Can you tell me some more about these estrogens?

Migraine headaches affect nearly 28 million American adults each year – equating to 6 percent of all males and 17 percent of all females. Little Rock bioidentical hormones expert, Constance Crisp, M.D., discusses the signs, symptoms and causes of migraines and some tips on what you can do to mitigate symptoms or avoid them all together.

Physicians recommend testosterone therapy to revive libido in men. Biodientical testosterone therapy naturally replaces the testosterone that male body no longer produces during and after andropause (the male menopause).

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