The Lancet Oncology published a study last week that shows oral estrogen may decrease the risk of invasive breast cancer in women with a hysterectomy compared to those who received a placebo. This is another study that comes from the Women’s Health Initiative. If you are not familiar with the Women’s Health

A Fox News article yesterday revealed the benefits of Rhodiola rosea as a cure for depression. Read more of the article here. Rhodiola is a known adaptogenic herb. An adaptogenic herb, is a substance that works to regulate your cortisol levels. It helps your cortisol level remain normal whether it is too

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are you wondering how to increase your sex drive? Or are you someone who has lost your drive, ambition, and motivation?  Are you wondering how to get your mojo back? Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, deceased sex drive, depression, low energy, problems with erections, and

Paula Deen, popular chef, announced that she had diabetes last week on the Today show. It seems that all her fat and sugar laden recipes have finally caught up with her. Diabetes is more common than you may think. Almost 9% of the United States population has diabetes and another 86 million

Testosterone is an important hormone for women. Not only is important for sex drive and orgasm, testosterone can help with well-being, mood, motivation, and energy. It helps to build muscle, decrease body fat, and maintain bone density. There are studies that show testosterone can help decrease coronary artery disease and even improve

A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that statin use increased the risk of diabetes in postmenopausal women. Many medications have side effects. What can you do to lower your cholesterol naturally and avoid taking a statin? Following a diet that is low in fat and low calorie

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Do you feel exhausted even after eight hours of sleep? Do you feel “burned out” or “stressed?” Do you push yourself with caffeine and sugar? Do you lack energy to parent or work your normal job? Do you have

Remember the real reason for holiday get-togethers is to spend time with your family and friends and NOT to overeat. Maintain your exercise routine.  Find time to exercise amidst your holiday preparations.  If you don’t have an exercise routine, give yourself the gift of health and start working out.  Just make sure

Bio-identical progesterone is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and actually decreases the risk of breast cancer.  Bio-identical progesterone is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and stroke as compared to synthetic progestins like Provera and is more effective. Patients report more satisfaction and fewer side effects

Bio-identical hormones are identical to the human hormones that our body produces, but are made from a natural plant source like wild yams, soy, or peanuts. Synthetic or non bio-identical hormones are not identical to the hormones that are body makes. They are synthesized chemically or made from non-human sources like a

Do you start to get depressed in the fall around day light savings time?  Perhaps you are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D can prevent depression, over 17 types of cancers ( such as breast, colon), heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, infectious disease,

Does bioidentical hormone therapy cause breast cancer? Hormone replacement therapy got a lot of bad press since publication of the Women’s Health Initiative.  This study looked at over 16,000 women whose average age was 64.  The women in this study took the synthetic hormones: Premarin and Provera.  This study sought to answer the question,

I previously wrote an article about how proper nutrition is an essential step to optimal health. Many of us may not be getting all the nutrients needed in our diets, which is why it’s so important take certain dietary supplements to help provide us with those essential nutrients we may be missing

Yesterday, there was a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal titled New Views of Hormone Therapy in Menopause. I actually commented on the article yesterday. For me, as an OB/GYN who practices integrative medicine at BodyLogicMD in Hartford, CT and also as a menopausal woman who uses bio-identical hormones, I

Ever wonder what are the secrets of healthy aging? A study presented in the July Journal of the American Medical Association shares four important habits of longevity. Not smoking, exercising at least thirty minutes a day, eating a Mediterranean diet, and maintaining a BMI (body mass index*) of less than 25 was

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