Dr. Alicia Stanton, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD is excited to see so many qualified doctors transitioning into Anti-Aging medicine. Patrick Savage, President of BodyLogicMD is excited to see how many more physicians are attending the A4M Conferences.

Meet Dr. Michelle Schultz of BodyLogicMD of Naperville.

Dr. Alicia Stanton explains what sets BodyLogicMD expert anti-aging physicians apart from traditional doctors.

Rebecca Crowley-Huey, PA-C BodyLogicMD The Woodlands, Texas talks about the customized nutrition and supplement portion of the BodyLogicMD three-tiered program (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition/supplements, fitness).

Minnesota BodyLogicMD physician Dr. Gregory Pippert tells viewers a little bit about himself and the connection between insomnia and hormonal imbalance.

Learn about Dr. Joseph Mazzei of Chicago.

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