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The diva of looking and living ageless, Suzanne Somers, has released her new book, Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty. The pages are filled with the top reasons to live a preventive lifestyle – she discusses the toxins hiding in our food supply, why eating clean is not just about

Recently I saw a patient who had been suffering from consistent heart palpitations for years. She saw many doctors, 2 Cardiologists and had quite a few invasive heart procedures just to find out that there was nothing wrong with her heart. So, she kind of learned how to live with a “flipping

Just read an article on the Internet (where else!), called Selling the Promise of Youth, featuring one of the anti-aging doctors based in California. Obviously, the article was not written by one of his patients! It was not really hateful, but not warm and loving ether. Basically, the author portrayed us, Anti-Aging

Today I had another patient, complaining of hair loss – what a common problem! If you are a man, that’s kind of “expected”, sadly though. But if you are a woman, that’s a disaster! The problem of loosing hair is much much more complex than just a thyroid insufficiency, as the majority

“Life in the fast lane sure makes you lose your mind” – good oldies, wise oldies! We were not designed to live running away from bears constantly, but we do. First, we feel a little tired at the end of the day, then we get more tired and even want to take

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