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As I have written previously, a healthy gut is imperative for good overall health.  Although we think of the gut as internal, it’s actually one of our biggest connections to the outside world. A great deal of what enters our body does so through the gut, and if the gut doesn’t handle

This is a topic that causes a great deal of confusion.  I wish I could answer this question with a simple yes or no, but like many things in medicine, the answer is much more complex than this.  Unfortunately, the medical community often wants the answer to be easy, so you get

Yes, testosterone is the male dominant hormone, but women need it too!  When I first started as a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, women would be somewhat taken aback when I recommended testosterone therapy for them.  I would often receive a response like “Testosterone?  Isn’t that for men?  Why do I need that?”   As

The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) issued the following revised position statement, which is in favor of hormone therapy for women in menopause: This may seem like an earth shattering statement based on new information, but I feel this is a long overdue statement.  The practice of Hormone Therapy was essentially

Weight gain and menopause seem to go together.  Many of my female patients describe rapid weight gain as they approached and entered menopause.  I hear them say,”I don’t know what happened.  I eat the same and exercise same, but I don’t dress the same because I can’t fit into my clothes any

March is National Nutrition Month so I am resending out a few thoughts about nutrition.  Many health problems are caused by poor nutrition and many of them can be treated with proper nutrition.  It is amazing how little emphasis is given to nutrition in traditional medical education.  Although nutrition is a complex

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is one of the most abundant steroid hormones in the body, but there is some mystery about what DHEA actually does.   It’s known that DHEA levels decline as we age, and it is thought that DHEA has many important functions that keep us feeling young.  You can find many claims about

Osteoporosis is an insidious disease.  You cannot feel it as it gradually approaches.  One day, your doctor orders a bone density test for you, and you find out that your bones have lost density and you have osteoporosis.  I see many women and even some men in this situation and they are

A patient of mine brought to my attention, a series of articles that appear in the “Ask Amy” advice column that appears in the Chicago Tribune.  A male follower of “Ask Amy” wrote in to ask her about “Sexless Marriages”.  He referred to previous “Ask Amy” articles where she blamed a lack

There are many symptoms associated with menopause, but the symptom that epitomizes menopause is the Hot Flash.  About 85% of women will experience Hot Flashes as they approach and enter menopause. Some women will have intense, frequent Hot Flashes, while others have mild, infrequent Hot Flashes.   Often, Hot Flashes decrease in frequency

Osteoporosis is defined as a thinning and weakening of bone tissue.  The statistics regarding osteoporosis and the health problems associated with it are staggering, and it’s one of the most concerning issues facing woman as they enter menopause.  Although previously considered a disease that only affects women, osteoporosis has also been recognized

As I have discussed in other thyroid articles, diagnosing an underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism) involves a comprehensive review of a patient’s medical history, symptoms, and tests results.  Once the diagnosis is made or suspected, treatment can be initiated.  However, a complete understanding of thyroid function is necessary to implement effective treatment. So, before

The Thyroid gland and its hormones influence almost every cell in your body, and when it doesn’t functioning well, you won’t function well.  It is often difficult to pinpoint what is causing your health problems, but if you consider all of individual symptoms, they may help define a specific issue.  Thyroid disease

The thyroid is an important, butterfly shaped gland located in the neck. It produces hormones that influence almost every cell in the body, and people with an unhealthy thyroid will experience a variety of symptoms. The influence of thyroid hormones is extremely diverse, and it would be a monumental task to list all of

I have been writing quite a few articles on hormone therapy lately and have mentioned bio-identical hormones in many of those articles. I realized that I have never offered an explanation of what a bio-identical hormone is. Bio-identical hormones have been getting a great deal of attention in the media lately, so

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