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The Food and Drug Administration is an agency of the US department of Health and Human Services.  The approval of pharmaceutical drugs is one of the agency’s many duties.  A drug that has met the Agency’s criteria via testing and review, is stamped “FDA-Approved.”  Those drugs which have not met criteria, sadly,

There’s a new TV program on the National Geographic Channel – Doomsday Preppers.  It’s a program about real life people who are preparing for any interpretation of Doomsday.   I mention it because we’re about to talk about cortisol.  Cortisol imbalance often leads to Adrenal Fatigue- one of the biggest hit phrases for

Longevity vs. Inflammation. This is the “Rumble in the Jungle,” the MAC vs PC – a battle of true superpowers. The outcome of this continual confrontation will determine your destiny. Will it be cardiovascular disease, stroke, colon cancer or maybe… you’ll literally lose your mind. At this point, the method of your

Well folks, I’m flying back to Honolulu from a medical conference in Orlando and I feel my T pellet fading… A little less driven, less motivated, a little foggy and just a tad less sharp overall. So what better time to blog about the magic bullet: the bioidentical testosterone pellet. By the

Andropause?  Fat and soggy with lack-luster performance… just getting by? Feel like your mind speed can’t surpass the old Intel 486 cpu’s?  Not you… or Not sure?  Luckily, this is a blog so go ahead and list your symptoms for review.  Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at this irritable, forgetfull, and

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