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Most patients are told by their doctor that high testosterone is risky for prostate cancer. And it was taboo to treat a patient with prostate cancer with testosterone since it was similar to ” pouring fuel on a fire”. The New England Journal of Medicine performed an extensive review and found no

I see a lot of patients with thyroid conditions. While it is extremely important to evaluate all hormones especially the adrenals, it is also very important to evaluate iron status in the body. Most of my patients that come to see me with a thyroid condition have never had their iron levels

This month is Diabetes awareness month. The statistics are alarming and rising. 12% of men over the age of 20 have diabetes in this country. This rises to 27% for those over 65 years old. It is our North American diet that is to blame. I tell my patients the most important

It’s not uncommon for patients to tell me that they went to their doctor to get their testosterone levels checked and were told they are in the normal range. Occasionally, as well, they are told their number looks really good. But they have all the symptoms of low testosterone. So why does this happen.

I recently wrote and article about adrenal fatigue awareness. In this I explain what is Adrenal Fatigue, what are the symptoms, how common this is, as well as how to treat. Many people and doctors as well have never heard of this syndrome. Most of us will experience some degree of adrenal fatigue

A lot of female patients in their 30′s and 40′s come into my office complaining of not feeling as well as they used to. They are moody, irritable, not sleeping and tired all the time. They have lost their zing in the bedroom and are tired of other doctors telling them that

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