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I was at a medical meeting in Chicago recently and learned some great new points. Hippocrates really was correct when he said: Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. I’ll use the example of breast cancer, though almost any chronic disease has some basis in an inflammatory reaction. Breast

I’ll bet you didn’t know that anxiety can originate from your gut. But it can. I’ll cut to the chase and give my advice: TAKE A QUALITY PROBIOTIC NEARLY EVERY DAY, THEN SWITCH BRANDS IN 3 MONTHS. Now to explain myself. The good bacteria meant to live and thrive in your intestine

Most of you know melatonin as nature’s sleep hormone. But did you really think that this wonderful hormone (as well as all your hormones) has only one or two functions? Think again! The fact is that most of your hormones have dozens if not hundreds of functions. So, what’s the story with

Chlorella Combats Mercury. Consider With Amalgam Dental Fillings. Some of you may have heard of a supplement called Chlorella. It is green food derived from a single cell plant often found in ocean waters. The Japanese use it as one of the most popular supplement foods. Dr Mercola recently wrote about this

Bad news for Bacon I love BACON. Most people I know love bacon too. Unfortunately, bacon had a bad week. News broke this past week citing a Swedish study showing that eating 2 slices of bacon or one link of sausage daily resulted in a 19 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer.

Back in November I wrote a blog about the ‘big three’ supplements I recommend being a quality multivitamin/mineral, fish out and Vitamin D3. Let me expand upon that to push for ONLY PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE supplements. What does that mean? Pharmaceutical grade means at that all the nutrients and minerals are CHELATED, or

How Do I Prevent the Flu By this time of year most people who planned for a flu shot has received one. The vaccine makers have done a remarkable job at marketing this product such that by early Autumn, advertisement banners rain down over every pharmacy and megamarket. If you consider some

I just learned of a new product 2 weeks ago that is a testament to progress in natural medicine. For years medical science has known about the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of the spice turmeric and it’s active ingredient curcumin. The culture of India uses it widely in many of its food and

I’M NOT A STATIN FAN Having practiced medicine since graduating medical school in 1987, I’ve watched several trends come and go in American medicine. Now that my specialization involves prevention, wellness, hormone therapy and medicine looking at causes (rather than just symptom relief), I’ve seen a better view of how the statin

As this cold, flu, bronchitis and common infection season approaches, you may find yourself in the doctor’s office looking for an antibiotic. Some doctors hold their ground refusing to prescribe antibiotics for clearly apparent viral infections (antibiotics only work on bacterial infections). Other providers want to please their patients and give in

Last week November 5, 2011 we completed the 2ndannual St Louis Integrative Medicine Symposium (SLiiM). Our theme this year was INFLAMMATION NATION, and I want to make a pitch for anybody in our region to attend this symposium next year. What a fantastic group of lectures all designed to educate the public

With so many ads and articles on vitamins and supplements, it’s impossible for most people to know what to believe. Here’s what I have told every patient of mine for the past 20 years. Take at least a pharmaceutical (chelated) multivitamin with minerals, extra vitamin D3 and fish/omega 3 oil. Why? Because

The art of what I do involves assessing the whole health picture of an individual as relates to hormone balance. I enjoy explaining what is going on to my patients. When I reach the part about DHEA, eyes begin to glaze over. Nobody seems to have heard of DHEA. Where did our

On Sunday October 9, I had the good fortune of meeting TV celebrity chef Alton Brown. He was in St Louis, MO signing books for his latest production GOOD EATS 3: THE LATER YEARS. Alton is both an entertainer and a well researched chef educating his viewers and fans on the science

Is it really such a mystery why 60 percent of Americans including children are overweight? Everybody wants a quick and simple answer, but let’s look at the basics of weight management. 1. Diet: As recently as 50 years ago, the rate of obesity ( body mass index >30 percent) or just overweight

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