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A recent study suggests that people who chronically use over the counter sleep aids have a shorter life span. Many patients can have improved sleep by getting their hormones in better balance. In particular, women with low progesterone levels often have difficulty sleeping as well as do those with poor melatonin production.

Well, a little off the wagon today. Hungry for a little bread like food so a bagel and other small piece of bread went down the hatch. Mostly good though, and will eat mostly raw the rest of the way. Crunching is very important it seems. Marilee made some crackers in the

This is harder than I thought it would be for me. Unfortunately I passed a couple of kidney stones on Friday which has me a little slowed down still. Eating raw is somewhat difficult when you are used to cooked, hot food. In addition, I have been used to eating more processed

February 3, 2012

Raw food

Marilee and I are now on the second day of our twice yearly detox. We decided to “go raw” this time and so we are eating only raw food till the end of the month. Lots of juicing and vegetables and fruit and raw protein powder. In addition we are purchasing some

January 21, 2012

Sleep issues revisited

A very common recurring problem with our patients at BodylogicMD of Sacramento is that of sleep disturbances. Many times this is improved by repleting progesterone that is often diminished in women during menopause or peri-menopause. Sometimes, however, the patient might have problems with nighttime mind chatter, and might need extra melatonin, magnesium,

This is a great time to start planning for the new year. Motivation and discipline can use any impetus and resolutions for the upcoming year can sometimes be used to jumpstart a healthier life. Consider how important any kind of exercise is to eliminating so many of the chronic conditions that might

Sometimes I take it for granted that patients know what a hormone is. Most probably don’t. A hormone is a chemical messenger created by a gland in the body, which is then released into the blood stream where it interacts with the cells in other places in the body. There are literally

This is a difficult time of year for many of our patients who struggle with their weight or with food sensitivities. Every office and work place is loaded with very tasty creations that “stick” to us more than we would like. Remember that we have choices about what we eat and that

I have taken care of breast cancer patients as a surgeon for over 25 years. It is a devastating diagnosis because of the severity of the treatments and because it affects so many young women. As I treat women with hormonal imbalance now, I have a different understanding of the importance of

I just finished seeing a patient on whom I did an open re-do Nissen fundoplication about 2 weeks ago. He had been on methadone 5 times a day and about 10 norco per day as well for chronic joint pain and fibromyalgia. He had seen every type of specialist in the area.

All is well with just two more days of detoxing with Core Restore and proper eating for our BodylogicMD of Sacramento crew. It has become easy now and everything feels good. The menu has expanded and hopefully our bellies have shrunk a little. A couple more days of veggies and beans and

We are 2 1/2 days into a 1 week detox being accomplished with some of our patients at BodylogicMD of Sacramento. The first two days were essentially complete fasting days other than 4 scoops of Orthomolecular Core Restore mixed with water. Those were kind of hard days with limited calories, long hours

Today marks the beginning of our program during which we detox with some of our patients. Everyone knows that we accumulate toxins over time. Sometimes through the air we breath, or the food we eat or because our metabolic pathways are deficient. Today we embark on a one week, intense detox to

We all seem to be addicted to something. Sometimes it is coffee or alcohol or food or tobacco. These substances seem to make us feel better while we use them and sometimes for a while afterwards. They probably act in a way that raises levels of certain neurotransmitters in our brains. It

Many middle-aged adults have problems with diminished libido. It is very common for that to be one of the top few symptoms in patients we see at BodylogicMD of Sacramento. Sometimes this is easily correctable by augmenting testosterone levels. This can be done with subcutaneous pellets placed every 3-5 months, with weekly

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