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Did you know that there’s a link between eating canned foods and estrogen dominance? That’s right, the BPA in many canned goods can throw your hormones out of balance by increasing your estrogen levels, leading to symptoms like fibroid tumors, infertility and even increasing the risk for heart disease, diabetes and possibly

When was the last time you felt refreshed and renewed after a night’s sleep?  Ever heard the old adage “Quality over Quantity” – well, that applies to your sleep too!  When we get consistent restorative sleep, our bodies and minds function optimally, our hormones and neurotransmitters have an opportunity to replenish and

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines yet again and this time it’s because of a comment she made to Matt Lauer in a recent interview regarding sex after 40. “Do you know how old I am?” Matt asked. “I’m going to guess 40,” said Miley. “55!” Matt corrected. “55,” Miley laughed. “Oh,

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article published on FOX News, featuring Fort Lauderdale bioidentical hormones expert, Dr. Lisbeth Roy. For centuries, women have suffered in silence with sexual dysfunction.  As medical technology has evolved to address the dysfunction of human sexuality, solutions for women are lacking. The advent of Viagra changed

Hormone Replacement Therapy, the life changing treatment for women suffering from imbalance or complete loss of hormones, has seen a breakthrough. Many women and physicians have been hesitant to become involved with HRT, due to the frightening results from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). This week, new evidence puts those fears to

On Tuesday, February 19, the Westerville City Schools Academic Enrichment Center hosted a free parent workshop entitled “Age is Just a Number: Living Better, Longer in the 21st Century.” Dr. Roger Garcia, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Columbus and author of the book, Aged to Perfection, discussed the secrets to living a longer life,

Feeling tired? Can’t find a solution? Dr. Jen has the answers. Tune in Monday, March 4 to see Dr. Jen Landa on the Dr. Oz Show! Millions of Americans struggle with endless fatigue and most people can’t seem to find a solution to their energy deficiency. Tomorrow, on The Dr. Oz Show,

At the 2013 Academy Awards, you didn’t have to go home with an Oscar to feel like a winner. This year’s Oscar swag bag includes a luxury vacation, weight loss treatments and the celebrity-endorsed, highly-coveted Vampire Facelift®. The organic facial rejuvenating procedure keeps reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, looking vibrant with that ever-present  glow

Dr. Roger Garcia, Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Columbus says extending your life is as easy as changing your diet, “We know that we can increase the life of the telomeres through various nutraceuticals.” Several research theories suggest that these foods can play a role in lengthening telomeres and, therefore extending your life. Read

If your New Year’s Resolution was to eat healthy or lose weight, it’s time for a check-in. It has been one month since you began your plan to eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight. Do you feel you are on the road to success or are you teetering dangerously toward failure? February

  Dr. Bryan Warner of BodyLogicMD of St. Louis offers natural remedies for treating cold and flu symptoms. Chicken soup. Studies have shown that chicken soup really is an ideal remedy for cold and flu season. Specific molecules in the broth help break down nasal mucous. Fevers. “Allow fevers to happen,” says Dr. Warner.

Hormone treatments for men and women are increasingly popular among the Baby Boomers and others seeking the fountain of youth in a pill, pellet, patch or gel. These treatments are touted by anti-aging centers and some doctors as a way to battle the bulge and loss of muscle, strength, sex drive and

Yesterday, Angela McInnes shared her story of success after completing her first month on the program. Today, Angela shares with us one of the keys to her success. Jacqueline Mix, Angela’s mom, who nominated Angela for the The Wellness Project, has chosen to embark on a journey of total wellness alongside her

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