60 Seconds With Dr. Bob Ghelfi

October 7, 2009

DrBobGhelfiTake a minute to get to know Bob Ghelfi, M.D. of BodyLogicMD of Sacramento!

Dr. Ghelfi’s advice:  “With a combination of BHRT – arguably the most effective treatment for hormonal imbalance – a structured fitness regime and a diet rich in antioxidants, women and men can overcome the pains of aging and achieve optimum health and wellness.

I made the decision to partner with BodyLogicMD after witnessing first-hand, the staggering number of my patients dealing with the onslaught of symptoms brought on by hormonal imbalances. Women complained about night sweats, hot flashes and weight gain as a result of  menopause and men going through andropause (the male menopause)  were plagued by symptoms such as fatigue, depression and loss of muscle mass. Based on the results of comprehensive diagnostic testing and a comprehensive review of my patient’s symptoms, I am now able to prescribe bioidentical hormones, when appropriate, while guiding my patients to make healthier choices, balancing fitness, nutrition and stress reduction techniques in order to maintain a higher quality of life and further sustain their longevity.  

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