BodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alicia Stanton Responds to Reader's Digest Article

April 2, 2010

Reader’s Digest recently published an article entitled “5 Vitamin Truths and Lies”. Vitamins are essential for each of us to be able to carry out all of the various chemical reactions in our bodies. They are known as cofactors so they make reactions happen.  One can think about vitamins and micronutrients as the various pieces of a car in an assembly line. If a protein or hormone in our body can be thought of as the final product or car off of an assembly line, it is easy to see how you need all of the pieces in the right amounts to make the necessary product.

What would happen if you had everything you needed to make 1000 cars except that you only had two steering wheels? How many complete cars could you make? Only two complete cars could be made which is far fewer than you need and the parts for the other 998 cars are just sitting around waiting. That is an example of what it is like in a body with a micronutrient deficiency, almost everything is there to make the body run smoothly except for one little thing – but, that makes all of the difference.

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5 Responses to BodyLogicMD Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alicia Stanton Responds to Reader's Digest Article

  1. Just ME in T says:

    are you aware that this article is raising much angst against RD?

    Sadly in the US most recent Edition (April 2010) an article has appeared that has regular readers of this magazine wondering if their own National Readers Digest maybe the next to close down.

  2. Marianne Estabrooks says:

    I have been taking Melaleuca Vitamins with Oligo for several months now and since the research shows they are absorbed a minimum of 85% with no destroying the anti oxidents in your digestive tract, I am sure I am taking the best vitamins on the market!! not to mention my healthy cells!!!

  3. emt training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  4. MCWilliam says:

    I shouldn’t be surprizing so hard at that.

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